Dr. Clark and Dr. Renihan

Dr. R. Scott Clark has begun a series of blog posts titled Engaging With the 1689. This series began due to him not being able to fully interact with some of the details surrounding Particular Baptist theology (due to word limit) in his latest project Recovering the Reformed Confession, so this series is sort of an addendum on that topic.

After his first post Dr. Sam Renihan offered a very irenic critique by way of clarification on some of the language that was used by Dr. Clark to talk about the PB’s view of the administration of the Covenant of Grace through types and shadows.

This post is designed to collect the ongoing discussion from these two fine gentlemen and house them here for ease of access.

1. Dr. Clark

1. Dr. Renihan

2. Dr. Clark

2. Dr. Renihan

3. Dr. Clark

4. Dr. Clark

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