Evenings with Berkhof (No. 4): The Simplicity of God

We discuss one of the fundamental truths about God – he is simple in his being.  This does not mean that God is easy to understand.  Rather, “[it] means that He is not composed of different parts, and also that His being and attributes are one” (Berkhof).  This doctrinal matter is so important that it is bound up in God’s self-revelation to Moses in Exodus 3 – I AM WHO I AM.

Show Notes:

“The LORD Our God, the LORD is One: The Simplicity of God” (sermon by Sinclair Ferguson)

“Divine Simplicity and the Grammar of Classical Christian Orthodoxy” (lecture by James Dolezal)

All That Is in God (book by James Dolezal)

God Without Parts (book by James Dolezal)

God Without Passions: A Primer (book by Sam Renihan)

“Is the Future Settled or Open?” (debate on open theism between James White and Bob Enyart)


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