The Importance of Definitions

“Did God Really say…”


It is possible to lose the biblical moral high ground by losing the integrity of the definition of words. As we move into a more thoroughly post-modern society, relativism does not just permeate worldview, it permeates the very language we use. It is important that we keep this at the forefront of our thoughts as we seek to Biblically engage our culture. The sexual revolution continues to gain a foothold in the church through the conflation of terms. We are continually being told that desire is not attraction and therefore same sex attraction is okay so long as it does not become desire acted upon. However, biblically, we see that attraction to the opposite sex is in and of itself part of the natural, created order and therefore healthy to desire a partner of the opposite sex within the confines of the covenant of marriage. Thus, attraction to the same sex will ultimately warrant the same desire and as a result cannot be a part of created order. In truth, same sex attraction is desire and the conflation of the terms can be subtle if we are not careful. We should no doubt purpose to love our Christian brothers and sisters who wrestle with this sin. That does not mean, however, that we should bend the definitions and terminology we use to make certain aspects of that sin acceptable. The idea of acceptance has become a crafty way to make the argument that, with enough nuance, sin is okay. Let us be in constant, mindful prayer to maintain the integrity of our faith and ground our identity in nothing else but Christ alone.



— Lance

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