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We seek to glorify God and edify the Church through Christ-centered and exegetical discussion from a Reformed perspective.

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Ep. #13 What Is the Gospel?: God, Man, Christ, Response

Ep. # 12 Evenings with Berkhof (No. 3): The Doctrine of Scripture

Ep. #11 The Church Bound Together in Love

Ep. #10 God-Centered vs. Man-Centered Evangelism

Ep. #9 What Is Biblical Theology? with Chris Centola

Ep. #8 Evenings with Berkhof (No. 2): General and Special Revelation


Ep. #6 Evenings with Berkhof (No. 1): The Phenomenon of Religion Rooted in the Imago Dei

Ep. #5 Sean Cole Discusses Traditional Soteriology in the SBC

Ep. #4 Church Life – Ordinary Means of Grace

Ep. #3 Brandon Adams Joins Us to Discuss Baptist Covenant Theology

Ep. #2 Christ’s Glory and the Continuity of Scripture

Ep. #1 Introducing According to Christ

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