A Pattern of Sound Words: What Are God’s Works of Providence?

The team is together again for the first episode of the 2019 season of According to Christ podcast. They begin this new year off by continuing in their ongoing series "A Pattern of Sound Words" by examining question number 14 in the Baptist Catechism Subscribe to our podcast! Show Notes: James Fisher's Exposition of the... Continue Reading →

Baptist Catechism: What Is the Word of God?

We continue our series, "Pattern of Sound Words," addressing the subject of the Old and New Testaments as the word of God and the only certain rule of faith and obedience. Show Notes: Canon Revisited (book by Michael Kruger)   Subscribe to our podcast! 

Church Life – Ordinary Means of Grace

Dale and Drew discuss the concept of church life as consisting of the ordinary means of grace (word, ordinances, prayer) and fellowship as based on Acts 2:41-42.  They also interact with Q/A's from the Baptist Catechism on the means of grace. [Note: There's an instance where Drew refers to the Lord's Prayer but he meant to... Continue Reading →

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