Christ Reigns in Victory: A Thematic Overview of the Book of Acts

Theme: The gospel of the kingdom expands throughout the world as King Jesus had foretold. The book of Acts is a very special book in the New Testament. It is a historical narrative that supplies us with background information for the epistles. It serves as a bridge, so to speak, from the Gospel accounts (Matthew-John)... Continue Reading →

5 Principles of a God-Glorifying and Christ-Centered Gospel Ministry

What does God-glorifying and Christ-centered gospel ministry look like?  Who better to consult than the apostle Paul, who was used mightily of God for the advancement of the gospel among the nations in the 1st Century.  There are of course many passages in Scripture that we could consult for our answer to this question.  However,... Continue Reading →

Marks of a Healthy Church

When we speak of marks of a church we are speaking of its various principles, characteristics, and practices, which work together to make it a healthy or sound church.  So, we are answering the question, What does a healthy church, according to the Bible, look like?  Acts 2:41-42 serves as a summary of important marks... Continue Reading →

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